Real Neat Freaks

Top-Rated Houston “Make-Ready” Cleaning!

Real Neat Freaks is the Top-Rated Local Move-in/Move-out cleaning service! Also known as “Make-Ready” cleaning – our services are different from the traditional maid and cleaning service in that we offer a more thorough, and complete cleaning of homes in preparation of new tenants or residents.

Many maid and cleaning services complete tasks on a regular basis but often ignore corners, tight spaces, large appliances, etc… The list goes on! While most people can either maintain their homes themselves or through the use of these services – no matter how clean you believe the residence may be, it’s advantageous to hire a skilled professional when trying to fill a space.

Make-Ready homes help keep vacancy time shorter. By showing homes and spaces that are spotless, fresh, and well cared for; not only does the property appear more alluring for prospective home-owners or renters. But you also appear more professional as the individual showing the property and clients will feel more comfortable to sign the dotted line.